Capitan Nemo

Titolo italiano: Capitan Nemo
Titolo originale: The Undersea Adventures of Captain Nemo
Casa: Rainbow Animation – Anno: 1975
Episodi: 48

serie sulle avventure da ragazzo del Capitano Nemo dei racconti di Jules Verne sul suo sottomarino Nautilus, accompagnato dai suoi due amici Robbie e Christine, contro il perfido professor Waldo Cunningham.

Titoli episodi
1.Rescue Of A Killer
2.Battle Of The Giants
3.Poachers Of The Deep
4.Jaws Of Death
5.Monsters On The Beach
6.The Invisible Girl
7.Deadly Ribbons
8.The Floating Peril
9.Guess What’s Coming For Dinner
10.Killer From The Past
11.The Golden Trap
12.The Floating Mine
13.The Tuna Trapper
14.The Fish Bomber
15.The Devil’s Doorway
16.The Coral Maze
17.The Mine At The Bottom Of The Sea
18.Wild Water And Oil
19.The Silver Sea
20.The Ice Menagerie
21.Behind Bars
22.Shark Patrol
23.Dolphin Express
24.Collision At Sea
25.Eyes of the Deep
26.The Bloodhound of the Sea
27.The Arab Solution
28.The Undersea Looters
29.Shadow of Death
30.The Pearl Snatchers
31.Circle of Fire
32.Rapture of the Deep
33.Fish Farm
34.Cool It, Captain
35.The Little Island
36.Mystery Island
37.All That Glitters
38.Queen of the Deep
39.Don’t Raise the Bridge, Lower the River
40.The Big Prize
41.Go Fetch, Killer
42.Dangerous Welcome
43.Mystery Triangle
44.The Meteorite Shower
45.Snake Charmer
46.Haul Away Joe
47.See Through Killer
48.The Shark Catalog

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