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Titolo italiano: Cenerentola
Titolo originale: Cinderella monogatari
Casa: Tatsunoko – Anno: 1996
Episodi: 25

La versione più moderna di Cenerentola, come si può notare dall’aspetto della ragazza.
La trama è abbastanza fedele alla celeberrima fiaba di Perrault.

Titoli episodi
01. I Want To Become A Splendid Young
02. The Flowers From My Dream
03. The Mysterious Boy
04. My Marvellous Prince
05. A Dream Meeting
06. The Mystery Of The Vineyard
07. The False Fortune Teller
08. The Magic Of A Smile
09. There’s Something Strange About Him…
10. The Sad Violinist
11. What I Would Give To Live A Fantastic Love Story
12. Please To Meet You, Prince
13. The Way Of Love… Isabel Runs Away
14. Prince Charles’ Secret
15. The Two Charles
16. The Prince And House Work
17. Kindness Of A Small Heart
18. The Disturbing Painter
19. Let’s Get Rid Of Those Bandits
20. Travelling Towards Happiness
21. Memories Of My Mother
22. Cinderella Is In Danger
23. Eliminate The Prince!
24. The Invitation To The Ball
25. The Shoe Of Happiness
26. A Happy Marriage

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