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Un oceano di avventure

Titolo italiano: Un oceano di avventure
Titolo originale: Nanatsu no umi no Tico
Casa: Nippon Animation – Anno: 1994
Episodi: 39

Il cartone racconta le avventure di Nancy e della sua famiglia, sempre in viaggio in oceano a bordo di una nave, e del migliore amico di Nancy, l’orca Tico.

Titoli episodi
01. The girl with the killer whale: Nanami the adventuress
02. Caribbean pirates chasing after children!?
03. The Atlantic ocean gang is coming!?
04. Run, run, run!!
05. Rio de Janeiro never sleeps
06. The day we met a sulphur-bottom whale
07. Under the Atlantic: Thomas all alone
08. Sunken boat on the Zaire river: Treasure mystery
09. Boat of hope floating on a mysterious underground lake
10. The Pepelonchino sails across land!
11. Princess Nanami: Dream of the Aegean sea
12. Another Nanami and a happy family
13. Oh! The worst day of Thomass life
14. Exciting! A lady on the island of Sicily
15. Wonderful unity! Nanami dancing in the sky
16. A new friend!! Ticos baby!
17. Attaboy, Junior! His first deep breath
18. What!! Sheryl, engaged!?
19. Big panic in the North sea oilfield: Protect the seabird!
20. Does Junior hate Nanami!?
21. Shining iceberg! Legend of the North sea aurora
22. Ice labyrinth! Buried time
23. Goodbye forever! Ticos death
24. They who give life: Whalesong sounding in the sea
25. To Japan! In search of memories of mother
26. I met mom! A distant summers day
27. Ghost story in the fog! St Elmos ghost-ship
28. Squidball 2 goes into deep sea!
29. Nanamis adventure: An island with butterflies!
30. Miraculous egg which grants eternal beauty
31. Sheryl and Scott: A night on a desert island
32. To the Coelacanth sea: Mystery of the shining monster
33. Scott isnt responding!! Sea thats a devils lair
34. Raise the sails!! Great chase of the blue whale
35. Last chance! Dads prayer
36. The light whale in danger: Devils attack!
37. Ambition awakened! Castle of the southern continent
38. The light whales guidance: End of the iron castle
39. Departures: The eternal ring of light

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