The Robonic Stooges

Titolo italiano: The Robonic Stooges
Titolo originale: The Three Robonic Stooges
Casa: Hanna & Barbera – Anno: 1977
Episodi: 32

Il gruppo di supereroi denominato Three Stooges, composto da Larry, Moe e Curly, entra in azione per sconfiggere i cattivoni di turno.

Nota:i protagonisti di questa serie appaiono molto simili a quelli de “Gli Impossibili”(vedi scheda)

Titoli episodi
1.Invasion Of The Incredible Giant Chickens
2.Dimwits And Dinosaurs
3.Fish And Drips
4.Have Saucer Will Travel
5.I Want My Mummy
6.The Great Brain Drain
7.Flea, Fi, Fo, Fum
8.Frozen Feud
9.Mother Goose On The Loose
10.Curly Of The Apes
11.Don’t Fuel With A Fool
12.The Eenie Meanie Genie
13.On Your Knees, Hercules
14.Rub-A-Dub-Dub, Three Nuts In A Sub
15.There’s No Joy In An Evil Toy
16.Three Little Pigheads
17.The Silliest Show On Earth
18.Bye, Bye, Blackbeard
19.Mutiny On The Mountie
20.Woo Woo Wolfman
21.Schoolhouse Mouse
22.Burgle Gurgle
23.Rip Van Wrinkle
24.The Three Nutsketeers
25.Pest Wolrd Ain’t The Best World
26.Super Kong
27.The Three Stooges And The Seven Dwarves
28.Dr. Jekyll And Hide Curly
29.Jerk In The Beanstalk
31.Star Flaws
32.Stooges, You’re Fired … Or The Day The Mirth Stood Still

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