Bonkers,gatto combinaguai

Titolo italiano: Bonkers,gatto combinaguai
Titolo originale: Bonkers
Casa: Walt Disney Animation – Anno: 1992
Episodi: 64

un gatto pasticcione perde il lavoro in un importante studio di animazione e diventa un poliziotto di Hollywood. Bonkers lavora con il suo partner, Lucky Piquel,nella lotta al crimine. Miranda Wright è un altro poliziotto che lavora con loro. Bonkers sembra anche avere un debole per Fawn Deer. Il suo migliore amico è un coniglio ed il suo animaletto si chiama Toots

Titoli episodi
1.Going Bonkers
2.In The Bag
3.Hear No Bonkers, See No Bonkers
4.Out Of Sight, Out Of Toon
5.Is Toon Fur Really Warm?
6.Calling All Cars
7.Fall Apart Bomb Squad
8.In Toons We Trust
9.Never Cry Pig
10.Hamster Houseguest
11.A Cheap Sheep Sweep
12.The Day The Toon Stood Still
13.Weather Or Not
14.Basic Spraining
15.Once In A Blue Toon
17.Time Wounds All Heels
19.Hand Over The Dough
20.The Rubber Room Song (Plus Three)
21.Tune Pig
22.New Partners On The Block
23.Witless For The Prosecution
24.Do Toons Dream Of Animated Sheep?
25.Quibbling Rivalry
26.Springtime For The Iguana
28.Love Stuck
29.Of Mice And Menace
30.Dog Day Aftertoon
31.The 29th Page
32.Cartoon Cornered
33.The Good, The Bad, And The Kanifky
34.I Oughta Be In Toons
35.Frame That Toon
36.A Wooly Bully
37.Stay Tooned
38.O Cartoon! My Cartoon!
39.Color Me Piquel
40.Stand-In Dad
41.Cereal Surreal
43.The Dimming
44.Toon With No Name
45.Get Wacky
46.The Final Review
47.Goldijitters And The Three Bobcats
48.Seems Like Old Toons
49.Miracle At The 34th Precinct
50.The Comeback Kid
51.The Greatest Story Never Told
52.Fall-Apart Land
53.Imagine That
54.A Fine Kettle Of Toons
55.Stressed To Kill
56.Trains, Toons, And Toon Trains
57.Tokyo Bonkers
58.The Stork Exchange
59.Bobcat Fever
60.The Toon That Ate Hollywood
61.When The Spirit Moves You
62.Fistful Of Anvils
63.What You Read Is What You Get
64.Toon For A Day


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